Chez Scheme Version 7.1 Release Notes
Copyright © 2006 Cadence Research Systems
All Rights Reserved
August 2006

1. Overview

This document outlines the changes made to Chez Scheme for Version 7.1 since Version 7.0.

Version 7.1 is available for the following platforms:

This document contains three sections describing significant (1) functionality changes, (2) bugs fixed, and (3) performance enhancements. A version number listed in parentheses in the header for a change indicates the first minor release or internal prerelease to support the change.

More information on Chez Scheme and Petite Chez Scheme can be found at, and extensive documentation is available in The Scheme Programming Language, 3rd edition and the Chez Scheme Version 7 User's Guide.

2. Functionality Changes

2.1. FreeBSD 'x86 support (7.1)

Support for running Chez Scheme under FreeBSD on Intel 'x86 architectures has been added. The nonthreaded version uses the machine type "i3fb," and the threaded version uses the machine type "ti3fb."

2.2. Exec shield support (7.1)

Support for running Chez Scheme under Linux kernels with the "exec shield" feature enabled has been added.

2.3. quasisyntax (7.1)

New quasisyntax, unsyntax, and unsyntax-splicing syntactic forms have been added. A quasisyntax is ilke as syntax form except that the portions encapsulated within an unsyntax or unsyntax-splicing form are evaluated and their values inserted into the output, as with quasiquote. Hash-backquote ( #` ), hash-comma ( #, ), and hash-comma-at ( #,@ ) abbreviations may be used by analogy with the similar quasiquote abbreviations.

2.4. syntax->vector (7.1)

The new procedure syntax->vector takes a syntax object representing a vector-structured form and returns a vector of syntax-objects, each representing the corresponding subform of the input form, in a manner similar to the existing syntax->list procedure.

2.5. MacOS X dlopen support (7.1)

The foreign interface, including load-shared-object, now use the dlopen C library function and related features recently added to MacOS X for loading foreign code and looking up foreign entry points.

2.6. Universal foreign-callable support (7.0a)

Support for foreign-callable in Version 7.0 and prior releases was limited to the Intel Windows and Linux environments (threaded and nonthreaded). foreign-callable is now supported for the threaded and nonthreaded Solaris (32- and 64 bit) and PowerPC MacOS X.

2.7. New command-line parameter (7.0a)

The existing command-line-arguments parameter is set to a list of the command-line arguments by the default value of the scheme-script parameter whenever a Scheme shell script is run. The new command-line is similar, but is set to include as well the name of the script as the first element. Thus, (car (command-line)) can be used to determine the script, and (cdr (command-line)) can be used to determine the command-line arguments.

2.8. Socket example (7.0a)

The socket example found in examples/ in the release directory has been made more robust. The updated code also appears in the Chez Scheme Version 7 User's Guide.

3. Bug Fixes

3.1. Multiple-value handling bug (7.1)

A bug in the inliner's handling of call-with-values that could result in an invalid memory reference at higher optimization levels has been fixed.

3.2. Removed open-input-file exclusive option (7.1)

The exclusive option has been eliminated from the file open operations, including open-input-file, since the underlying mechanism used on many operating systems does not support exclusive access to read-only files. The option remains for output and input/output files.

3.3. Unbound meta variables (7.1)

A bug that caused variables defined with meta define to be unbound in environments other than the interaction environment has been fixed.

3.4. Unbound compiler-related variables (7.1)

The variables make-boot-header and compile-script previously evaluated to the value #<unbound> in Petite Chez Scheme. They are now bound to procedures that report that the compiler is not loaded, as with other compiler-related variables. [This bug dated back to Version 6.9c.]

3.5. Logical test operations (7.0a)

A bug in the optimizer's treatment of logtest, logbit?, fxlogtest, and fxlogbit?, which caused it to treat their return values as always true in test contexts, has been fixed. [This bug dated back to Version 6.9d.]

3.6. Format "$" bug (7.0a)

A bug that caused format to reject exact real numbers has been fixed, and format also now produces a more appropriate error message when passed a non-real number. [This bug dated back to Version 6.9b.]

3.7. thread? for nonthreaded versions (7.0a)

The thread? procedure, like other threading procedures, is no longer defined in the nonthreaded versions of the system. [This bug dated back to Version 6.5.]

4. Performance Enhancements

4.1. Record accessors (7.1)

The speed of record field accessors and mutators at optimization levels 2 and below has been improved by inlining the actual memory loads and stores.

4.2. foreign-callable for nonthreaded versions (7.0a)

The speed of a call into Scheme via foreign-callable has been improved slightly for nonthreaded versions of the system. The difference is likely to be noticeable only for calls to Scheme procedures that execute quickly.